Terms & Conditions

Dear Guests, To ensure the safety and preservation of your belongings while staying at our Hotel, we respectfully


  • Check-in time is at 02:00 PM (Please contact us if you need to check in early so we can)
  • Checkout time is 12:00 PM. Guests who wish to have a late check-out will be charged fee. The late check-out fees vary according to checkout time and the availability of rooms. Arrangements are subject to availability and should be made at the Reception Desk. For more information, please contact us at booking@catbaparadisehotel.com and we will be happy to assist.
  • For security purposes, valid identification with photo such as passport or ID card is required for the


  • Please do not leave important personal belongings or valuables items in the guest room. The hotel is not responsible for any loss, damage or theft of cash, jewelry or other valuables left in guest rooms. You can leave these valuable items in the safety boxes at the reception for your convenience. The safety boxes however, should not be viewed as a replacement for the guest safe deposit boxes maintained by the Hotel and in no way modifies the Hotel’s limitation of liability for the loss of guest property. Please refer to the Limitation of Liability Notice posted in the Regulations for further information about the use of such safety boxes and the Hotel’s associated liability limitations.
  • The hotel will make every effort to retrieve and hold any items accidentally left behind for up to 30 days. After the 30 day period has passed, any item remains unclaimed will be disposed off. To enquire about Lost and Found items please email to booking@catbaparadisehotel.com. The hotel will not be liable to the cost of shipping, however we will help you to return your lost items as pain-free and swift as


  • It is strictly forbidden to carry flammable items, explosives, weapons, toxics, drugs, durians, mangosteen and pets or solicit prostitutes in the hotel.
  • Gambling or other acts that are contrary to good morals or that cause an annoyance are strictly
  • Smoking is prohibited in all our hotel rooms. If anyone is found smoking in the non-smoking area of the hotel, he/she will be charged with cleaning cost and the costs of fire brigade intervention if the Sound Alarm system goes on. Smoking area is available at rooftop terrace and front yard.
  • Please do not cook, wash or iron clothes in the room for safety.
  • Please do not remove or alter any equipment or fixtures of the Hotel. The hotel will report all suspected illegal activity to the appropriate authorities and reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is suspected of involvement in such activity. The hotel reserves the right to enter any area of the hotel, including guestrooms, should there be a clear and valid reason for suspicion of illegal activity or if we suspect other guests, our property, or our staff are at any risk.


  • Guests will be charged for any loss or damage to the hotel’s properties caused by yourself, your visitors or for any person for whom you are responsible. We understand that mistakes happen sometimes and we guarantee that our charges will be fair and reasonable. List of charges is on the Room Amenities as following. For items not listed in the list, we will be based on the market price for replacement/fixing.


  • For the safety and privacy of our staff and guests, no occupied rooms will be serviced while guests are presented. We provide a housekeeping service at any time that is convenient for the guest up to 04:00 PM. Please inform the Reception Desk if you would like to schedule the service at a particular time.
  • All of our guest rooms are equipped with “Do Not Disturb” (DND) signs. When the “DND” sign is placed on the door handle and visible to us, the staff members will be alerted not to knock or enter the room for any reason. When the “DND” sign is in place, your room will not be serviced.


  • Visitors are not allowed to meet guests in the room after 10:00PM. Any exception will be subject to the decision of the Hotel Management.
  • Additional person in the room is allowed only when additional fee is paid. Please notify the reception if you wish to have an additional person in your room.
    As per the law, a foreigner cannot share a room with a citizen of Vietnam without a certificate of marriage as a proof. The property may reject the booking or request that a second room be booked upon failure to do so.

Thank you for your attention!